Monday, 6 January 2014

The amazing aloe vera

It's one of the best medicinal plants

Not just limited to herbal medicines, aloe vera is widely used in beauty and cosmetic products as well. This unattractive but highly beneficial plant has been used by different cultures since ancient times for its various benefits. Here are some...

Treats skin problems
Aloe vera gel is very good for treating sunburns, healing cuts and wounds, dermatitis and also insect bites. The best part is that this plant can be consumed and also applied externally.

Lowers cholesterol levels
Aloe is great for maintaining cholesterol levels by reducing tryglycerides. Also, by aiding the stabilisation of metabolic rate, reducing lipid levels and helping burn fat, it is useful for weight loss.

Reduces inflammation
It is said that having aloe vera juice for two weeks can help reduce symptoms of inflammation in the body like rheumatism, inflammation of the ears and eyes and arthritis. Applying the gel externally can ease muscle and joint pain.

Cures digestive problems
Having digestive problems? Drink aloe vera juice, as it reduces symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, acid and heart reflux and stabilises alkaline levels in the body. Because of its laxative properties, it is also good for constipation.

Good for diabetes
Aloe vera is good for diabetes patients, because it helps regulate blood sugar levels and the ability to reverse blood stickiness, thus ensuring smooth circulation of blood.

- The anti-ageing properties of aloe vera keeps the skin supple and rejuvenated and lightens blemishes. It moisturises the skin, gets rid of dead skin cells along with wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps in getting rid of stretch marks.

Do you know
The Egyptians referred to aloe vera as the plant of immortality

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